Upskilling: Do or Die

Resourcefully Innovate.

Upskilling, although a relatively new term, is nothing more than making the most of what you have. In this particular context upskilling is providing an existing employee with more advanced skills through additional education and training.

How To Upskill.

The first step for a company is to start now. Proactive employers will map skills and capabilities of their current workforce against the existing and projected unfulfilled capabilities. By leveraging existing technology and top-down leadership support, a company can actually quantify how their current labor supply aligns with their labor demand. Done correctly, they will be able to see how all their skilled labor is distributed throughout the company enabling management to quickly identify gaps and areas of excess. With that data, companies can now accurately measure how far any individual is from each and every job in the company. Here’s a step-by-step process:

The Solution

The solution to how to obtain the information and how to sort and align is Oplign. Oplign’s suite of applications gives company leadership all the tools that they need to optimize their current workforce at scale and begin to upskill their employees to meet future needs. No longer do you need expensive consulting firms to mess with your organization and leave you with a 100-page deck of nothing. Oplign offers the tools that enable companies to organically improve themselves and prepare for the future of work at a fraction of the cost.



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