Technical Fitness

Technical Fitness for Transitioning Military & Veterans

In essence, many job seekers, to include transitioning military and Veterans, already take an unconscious Technical Fitness (TF) approach to every job posting they read. If you think you meet or exceed the posting’s Job Technical Fitness (JTF), you send the company a resume. If you think your TF is a stretch to meet their JTF, you rewrite your resume with creative flare, and then send it. The most common result is that you never hear back from the company; and so, repeats the cycle more and faster until something happens.

  • There is zero standardization of Job Technical Fitness across all company jobs postings, so you have to interpret your own Technical Fitness to every job every time
  • You have to rewrite your resume every time, even through your Technical Fitness components (Edu, Yrs. Exp, Skills, etc.) are stable (i.e., data)
  • Your resume has 90% chance of getting a 10-second glance or less because recruiters can’t see how your Technical Fitness aligns to all their jobs.
  • The resume you dumped into a company’s “Talent Network” sits there because the company has no mechanism to see how your Technical Fitness aligns to any new postings.

Oplign actually attacks and defeats the root cause of all these problems

It’s the 21st century; we are drowning in data; and everyone has the entire computing power of 1969 NASA in their phone. But we continue to craft love letters to jobs postings and drop them into an Applicant Tracking System mailbox, knowing that chances are very slim of getting a bounce back. Oplign is here to fix all of that, and to move us all from random analog searching to data driven targeting of jobs, companies, and new skills you may need to acquire. Oplign is the world most advanced employment targeting platform because we know the Job Technical Fitness of every job in the English language…and if you give us 5 minutes, you will know how your personal Technical Fitness aligns to every job’s Job Technical Fitness.



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