How Fit Are You?

There are plenty of recognizable and relatively accurate standards that measure various types of fitness such as physical, mental, financial, and even cultural fit to an organization or company. Each Armed Service uses an annual or biannual Physical Readiness Test (PRT) to measure the fitness of…

The general consensus among business leaders is that traditional work will not return to the pre-pandemic commute/work/office structure. To prepare for the new future of work, companies wishing to remain relevant and competitive are turning to upskilling their current workforce. Even before the arrival of COVID, there was an emergence…

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Today, it seems that all you hear about is networking being the preferred and most effective method to find a job or make a career change. This might be true on the surface; however, if you stop and think about it, the overall emphasis on networking is the direct result…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

So much of our lives have been impacted by the rapid advancement and proliferation of Information Technology (IT). In fact, nearly everything in our day, at some point touches a digital network and…

Oplign was founded by former US military Veterans who had been deeply involved in the defense services industry since 2005. That experience, frustration, and lessons learned spawned a labor optimization solution that solves the systematic flaws on how people interact in the labor market and how companies manage their labor.

Our quest began in mid-2017 and we have been gaining traction ever since. Hear and read more about our journey below:


Veteran Administration’s Born the Battle #207

The Full Monty with Monty Heath #30

OnFire Ignites / The OnFire B2B Podcast #499


Oplign supports Ohio Virtual Job Fair

Olin alum’s startup redefines hiring for military vets

The Most Advanced Employment Alignment Engine in the World

Old Dominion University’s Take 5 Series

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Alex Calfee ( or Jeff Gibson (

Whether you’re a transitioning servicemember looking for that first job in the commercial market, or you’re an old hand at searching, finding and applying for jobs, you still meet the common enemy of all job searches — the ATS. They tell you ATS stands for “Application Tracking System,” but it…


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